Can You Actually Make Money Using Forex Trendy? Full Review Here!

If you’ve been into foreign exchange and trading, you probably know how important a forex trend scanner is. It helps you scan currency pairs in lightning speed to know which the best deal is and when is the best time to trade. However, you have to download and install most of them to start using and reading charts. This could take time and it can slow down your computer causing more delays and issues on your trading. You certainly don’t want that to happen.

This is the same sales pitch of the Forex Trendy software. It’s a web app where you can sign up and scan dozens of currency pairs in an hourly frame. As we go on this review, you’ll know how this trend scanner works and how you can make money from it in two ways.

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How Forex Trendy works

Basically, Forex Trendy is a software just like any other of its type. You can make an account and have an access to their platform by paying a quarterly fee. It promises to save you from the “choppy zone” where trades and trends are uncertain. Forex Trendy would help in coming up with a solid trade through minimized losses and utilized currency pairing.


Forex Trendy is still a forex trend scanner software but it works online so you no longer have to download or install anything.  There are no indicators on this software and everything is determined via price action.


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Overall, there are 34 Forex pairs you can scan here in a minute up to the monthly basis depending on your preference. Once you are in the subscription-based membership, you’re going to have access to their custom settings. Just select the market and period you want to scan and the software will churn out graphs, trends, and other resources for your reading. The result will be emailed to you and you’ll receive audio notifications on your device so you’ll know the results are ready.

Although it sells itself as a solid trend scanner, take note that the information Forex Trendy provides is just a basis for educated guesses. It’s not an absolute answer to your trading and you might still experience a few losses along the way.

There are two ways to make money on this software: it’s either you sign up as a member or you promote the Forex Trendy as an affiliate.

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Money-making opportunity #1 – Signing up as a member

One of the most convenient ways to make money on the Forex Trendy is by using it on your trading. That could both be an advantage and a disadvantage. This would be best for those who are already trading and looking for ways to improve their income.

Membership Perks

Once you sign up as a member of the forex trend scanner, you’re going to have access on their Membership area. Basically, these are the things you can enjoy:

-Live charts of time frames and top value currency pairs

-Overview of the frame trends

-Email and sound notifications

-Custom settings in the selection pairs

-Automated chart analysis

The good thing about the Forex Trendy is it helps you make money even in an uncertain trend. Most robots like this would only have its prime when the exchange is at a favorable level and then turn sour when it encounters the choppy zone. This software keeps you aware of the market patterns in a real-time manner so you will have guided trades that will result in a higher income.

Forex Trendy promises to increase your odds of winning by 70-30 to go beyond breaking even with your capital. If this is true or not, your personal experience is the judge. Remember, trading isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry.


Key features

The Auto Recognizing Triangles, Flags, Wedges, and Trend Lines

One of the best features of this Forex trend scanner is its new auto-recognizing triangles, flags, wedges, and trend lines. This helps a ton in finding the most reliable pattern in your charts so you no longer have to spend hours deciphering the results yourself. If you’re a breakout trader, this feature would be the centerpiece of the software.

It’s close to impossible to interpret every chart to find the best pattern for trading. This helpful feature would do the job even if you’re away. You’ll enjoy this chart pattern detector all for free.

Alerts for complete patterns and scans

Once you get the system running, you can do other things while you wait for the results to arrive. You can take advantage of the email and audible notifications to know if the charts and patterns are in. Just a simple feature but helpful if you’re going to be away from your computer.

Live charts for emerging patterns

Trading is a slave of time. You simply can’t refer to yesterday’s charts if you want to win trades today. This is why the Forex Trendy has a live chart for the new patterns for real-time reference.


If you’re a total newbie about using a Forex trend scanner, the Forex Trendy has a 30-page e-book called “Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends And Patterns” that you’ll get as a new subscriber.


Forex Trendy is pretty cheap and you’ll be a member for as low as $37 quarterly. That’s equal to a measly $12.3 every month plus you can cancel anytime you want. However, their pricing is subject to increase or conversion into a monthly billing once the subscribers increase drastically. This introductory price is still available as of this writing.

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Money-making opportunity #2 – Becoming an affiliate

If you’re not a true blue trader, you can still make money by promoting the Forex Trendy software as an affiliate. Promoting this depends whether you trust the product or not. I think the best thing about this software is it can’t be pirated or shared. This means more potential users would have to purchase a subscription. That translates to higher commission payouts for you.

Forex Trendy is a sophisticated Forex trend scanner compared to some of its counterparts. It may not be the most popular but its functionality and price is something beginners are craving for.

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How to become an affiliate

To become an affiliate, you first have to secure a Clickbank account so you can submit a Clickbank ID to the affiliate program page. If you encountered issues about the affiliate links upon entering your ID, there’s an alternative form you have to fill out.

Once you submitted your application for the affiliate program, you have to wait until Forex Trendy approves your account.


Payouts in the Forex Trendy affiliate program are quite hefty. For the initial sale of $37 a month, you’ll get 75% of the payment as long as the customer used your affiliate link. Then for every quarter, you’ll enjoy 75% rebilling of the same customer’s rebilling. So the more new subscribers you send to the Forex Trendy product, the more commissions you’ll get. And it’s not a one-time-big-time thing, your income faucet continuous to pour in as long as the subscribers stay on the boat.

It’s rare for an affiliate program to award such thoughtful commission to its affiliates. Aside from being a lucrative program, Forex Trendy belongs in a very popular industry so selling it out wouldn’t be as hard as you think it could be.


Once your affiliate account is approved, you can now dive into the massive collection of banners and e-covers that come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The embed codes of the 18 different banner sizes are all ready to be copied and pasted on your website.

There are email templates you can choose from and use on your marketing campaigns. And if you want to level up your media formats, Forex Trendy also has autoplay and exit splash resources you can embed on your platform. These materials underwent split tests to prove its conversion prowess. You also have the rights to copy and share the forex trend scanner’s promotional video anywhere you want to.

Front-end products

Aside from the subscription itself, you can earn commission indirectly by giving out the “Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends And Patterns” e-book to your readers for free. The magic here is that you can customize the content of the book through the Forex Trendy affiliates page. You just have to enter your Clickbank ID to overwrite the links inside the book with your own set of affiliate links. Once the reader thought of subscribing, there’s a high chance that the person would explore the product via your links.

Remember, this book is free and you simply can’t charge your readers for it. Use it as a promotional tool to your heart’s content.

The good and the bad

Anything under the sun has its share of the good and the bad. The Forex Trendy is no exception. Before you jump on the bandwagon of being a member or an affiliate, here are some points you should ponder about:

The good

Intuitive interface

Although forex trading can be one hell of a technical source of income, the Forex Trendy is intuitive to use. This forex trend scanner is packed with useful resources and even a free e-book to get you started with the charts and patterns as a beginner. This software has everything a beginner and average trader would need. A great thing for members and affiliates.

Affordable price

For $37 a month, you can’t find another tool as affordable as the Forex Trendy. It’s a good option for beginners who are still struggling to make their first bucks online. This software isn’t hard to bank on plus the payouts are large if you’re an affiliate.

Real-time alerts

Once the results are in for your scans, an email alert or an audible notification will let you know. This saves you from manually monitoring your inbox or staring flatly on the screen to catch the results on time.

Money-back guarantee

As a member of the forex trend scanner, you’re entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the software. A low-risk investment if you’re a beginner or someone tired of losses or dysfunctional forex tools.

The bad

Unknown owner

The main issue about Forex Trendy is its lack of disclosure of who is the team or person behind the product. This raises an argument about legitimacy and credibility. Others find it hard to trust or promote a product without this important information. Whether this is a deal breaker for you or not, only you would know.

There’s a possibility that due to the lack of ownership details, claims of Forex Trendy being bogus are circling the internet.

Overhyped marketing

There’s so much marketing ploy surrounding Forex Trendy that it somehow sounds too hyped. If you’re a potential member or affiliate, try not to be lost on the overhyped promotional tactics of this software. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an excellent choice but you might get empty promises if you rely on the sales pitch too much.

You shouldn’t rely on its “90% guaranteed” claims

The Forex Trendy software is strong on its claim of 90% guaranteed excellent result and 70% trading wins. Although this can actually take place if you’re using the product or promoting it, you should take it with a grain of salt. The foreign exchange industry is a highly volatile and unpredictable sphere and giving a guarantee of steady success is quite an irony.

The software will help you in determining patterns to increase the probability of gaining more income. Still, everything remains a probability based on educated guesses. There’s no guarantee on that.


Using a forex trend scanner like Forex Trendy is helpful for such a low price. You can make money by trading or by signing up as an affiliate of the software. Commissions are at a high percentage plus you’ll enjoy every rebill as long as the subscriber is using the product.

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Forex Trendy has its pros and cons but it’s safe to say that it’s a lucrative opportunity as an income source.

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