VPNs or Virtual Private Networks provide safer internet access by hiding your actions. Usually, a VPN is used to override the legal and policy limits of a website. For example, NordVPN for torrenting can protect your data from hackers. Unlike directly connecting to the web, your actions pass through a VPN server that encrypts everything.

Best VPN

best vpn

Here, we will take a look at two of the most popular VPN services: HideMyAss and NordVPN. Both of these are premium VPN services that promise to secure your most sensitive internet exploits.

What is HideMyAss?

NordVPN for torrentingThis VPN service was launched in 2005 and is currently offering 940 VPN servers in 190 countries with over 120,000 IP addresses. HideMyAss started as a free proxy service until it evolved into a premium and better virtual network platform.

There are over 10 million HideMyAss VPN users to date which makes it one of the most popular choices on the web.

HideMyAss uses 128 and 256-bit encryption protocols for OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec, and PPTP.


Overall, this is best for unblocking video streaming pages and websites. This can be used on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and MAC.

HideMyAss has unlimited bandwidth, allows file sharing, and there are no action logfiles or DNS queries to worry about. They also offer easy-to-reach customer support through ticketing systems, phone calls, and a live chat.

hide my ass review

When you sign up for a premium HideMyAss account, you will receive software that can run for a maximum of 5 connections per license. The servers are very fast and since these are located in different countries, you can count on its reliability.

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Premium account monthly price: $17. Check the complete HideMyAss price list HERE:

Major benefits:

When you use HideMyAss, you can enjoy a slew of benefits, from unblocking sites and hiding your browsing activities:

🔗Maintaining privacy. Since you can switch between servers anytime you want, HideMyAss is guaranteed to protect your privacy. No hackers can get through your information. You’ll be spared from data snooping, thanks to the over 120,000 IP addresses.

🔗Access websites to any country. Can’t watch a certain video on your country? HideMyAss will unblock the policy so you can watch TV shows, videos, and access websites without restrictions. Overall, you’ll enjoy freedom on the internet.

🔗One-click use. No need to go through strenuous setup all the time. Once you have the license, you can use HideMyAss in one click.


✔️Good support

✔️No limits on bandwidth and server changing

✔️Bitcoin payment is enabled

✔️Very fast servers and very reliable software

✔️30-days money-back guarantee for peace of mind

✔️You will own the software


❌Limited off-shore servers

❌Logs your username and IP address

❌Majority of servers are in the U.S.

❌Monthly price is expensive than NordVPN



What is NordVPN?

NordVPN for torrentingIf there’s one VPN service that’s giving HideMyAss a run for its money, it would be NordVPN. This is a Panama-based service which means there is no legislation that will apply to its service. Unlike HideMyAss, Nord uses AES-256-CBC and 2048-bit encryption and L2TP / IPSec, PPTP protocols. This makes NordVPN for torrenting a top pick for users.

NordVPN has a presence in more than 60 countries with about 3,500 servers and 5,000 IP addresses. As compared to HideMyAss, this is a bit smaller. Still, the fact that it’s not located in the U.S. means you’re away from the prying eyes of the authorities and hackers.

Currently, NordVPN is running on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Users can connect up to six devices at a time. There would be no log policies and you can finally say goodbye to buffering and website-limiting policies.

Performance-wise, NordVPN has good speed but not as lightning-fast as HideMyAss. But before you shy away from this service, take note that the small change in performance is due to the added layers of protection.

Overall, this is excellent for P2P file sharing, especially NordVPN for torrenting. The service has been improving over time and you can count on it for faster performance in the coming months.

Premium account monthly price: $11.95. Try NORD VPN for 30 days free HERE. 

Major benefits:

🔗Online security at its finest. This service uses military-grade encryption where security protocols will be supported. NordVPN for torrenting is a champ for many users.

🔗Free extras. Aside from the VPN itself, you can get extra tools for free like Web Proxy and Encrypted Chat for added security.

🔗DNS leak protection. You won’t just unblock site policies but you can also count on the DNS leak protection feature of NordVPN. There’s also an automatic kill switch in case the connection drops and you’re communicating important information.


✔️Full anonymity, even user name and the IP address won’t be logged

✔️30 days money-back guarantee plus 3 days of free trial

✔️Best for P2P file sharing

✔️Added extra tools for free to enhance your protection on the web

✔️Accepts Bitcoin payments

✔️SmartPlay will bypass geological restrictions

✔️Automatic kill switch for up to 6 devices at a time


❌Fewer IP addresses than HideMyAss

❌Peak hours may affect the speed

❌Performance glitches may happen at times.



Final verdict

Both the HideMyAss and NordVPN have its share of upsides and downsides. As two of the leading VPN services, you’ll never go wrong about using any of it. However, it pays to identify the purpose and your browsing behavior before signing up to one.

If you want 100% anonymity, NordVPN would be the best option. It’s based out of the U.S. and although their IP addresses are fewer, the performance is quite reasonable. Besides, if you’re using NordVPN for torrenting, you can count on speed and security of your personal information.

Still, don’t underestimate the power of HideMyAss. As part of the Avast family, this VPN service is unbeatable if you’re looking for more servers and IP addresses to cloak your web activities. Although the price is a bit steep, you’ll get what you pay for.

As you see, both are useful but the two aren’t made equal. It’s up to you to decide based on the aspects we weighed on above.

nord vpn review