John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review – Is This Worth the Money?

Affiliate marketing is a powerful and profitable online business. But for newbies, this can be a daunting task.

Do you want to make money from your affiliate program? Do you want to be a super affiliate?

Before you get craploads of cash, you have to understand how the system works. This is why I wrote this Super Affiliate System review.

When it was first released in 2015, Super Affiliate System (SAS) blew our minds.

Why? Because it’s one of the most comprehensive and practical courses for affiliate marketing.

But can it make real money? Here’s what you need to know:

Super Affiliate System Review


What’s the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System, also known as SAS, is a 6-week program that aims to launch affiliate marketing campaigns and make it profitable in the shortest possible time. It’s structured with step-by-step guides and courses that will help business owners make money from affiliate commissions.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review - Is This Worth the Money_


Its creators claim that this is devised by expert marketers who are earning at least $100,000 a month using the same techniques.

Inside the member’s area, you can access 50+ hours of content structured to guide you properly in launching an affiliate campaign. There are also bonus resources on the side (see below).

The program will run for 6 weeks but it can take longer depending on the person’s pace. With tons of information available, it can take longer. As for us, it can work that day.

It could be overwhelming, but don’t let the structure of the program scare you off. In fact, it can work even for newbies who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

From setting up the basics to optimization, scaling, and expanding, the SAS is a promising guide toward earning money from your websites.

Who is John Crestani?

Super Affiliate System review

John Crestani is the person behind the Super Affiliate System.

John is a 29-year-old digital marketer from California. Over the years, he has established multi-million businesses and is viewed as an expert when it comes to affiliate marketing.

John’s focused on creating affiliate riches from health and business opportunity niches. Still, his SAS program works for just about any niche in the affiliate marketing industry.

With his experience, John seems to know what he’s talking about. He used to work for AdWords and is a pro on his craft. Besides, a lot of SAS users attested to the success of the program. John might be a college drop-out but he found success in his online businesses.

Here’s John and what how he promises to transform your business:

Pros and cons

This Super Affiliate System review isn’t one without some advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide if it’s for you, here are some pros and cons:


✔️Well-structured, step-by-step training

✔️Pre-designed templates, landing pages, and affiliate campaigns

✔️Money-back guarantee for your peace of mind

✔️A massive and comprehensive program

✔️Ideal for both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers


❌Expensive (but totally worth it)

❌Average customer support

❌A bit too salesy

Our first impression

With all the numbers John is boasting on his program, it’s quite easy to think twice if it actually works. John keeps on flaunting his upscale lifestyle, one which is his Lamborghini which makes others say that he’s a scammer.

But is he a scam? Maybe not.

John’s program is indeed a tad overpriced but it yields actual results. The practical guide in setting up a campaign, scaling up ads, and creating a sales funnel that convert are just some of the pieces of evidence that his program is worth the shot.

And with the money-back guarantee, trying it out becomes less risky.

Super Affiliate vs. IM JetSet

The IM JetSet is a previous program of John which you will get for free when you avail the Super Affiliate System. SAS is also the upsell of IM JetSet which lets you get additional resources for an added fee.

Unlike the advanced SAS, IM JetSet covers the basics of affiliate marketing. It includes finding a niche, building a site, including affiliate links, and attracting organic traffic. It makes perfect sense why this is a bonus when you avail the SAS.

Overall, the IM JetSet isn’t something new. In fact, none of its content is ground-breaking. Still, it’s a handy guide for newbies who want to get started with affiliate marketing. And as someone who has been in the same process, it’s an indispensable program.

The good thing is that John finally offered an upsell for those who want advanced techniques. This is where the SAS was born. From the basics, the members will now deal with advanced ad campaigns, targeting data, preselling pages, automation, scaling, and a lot more.

The point here is that IM JetSet and SAS shouldn’t be pitted with each other. These two should come hand-in-hand in this Super Affiliate System review.

Everything you need to launch a campaign

Do you have an affiliate website that’s not making money? Maybe SAS is the answer!

SAS will help you launch your campaign so you can craft a sales funnel that will convert visitors to customers. It will also boost your marketing skills together with various ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Native Ads.

Worried that you can’t catch up? The IM JetSet is always handy! The $47 program comes free once you avail the SAS program. I must admit, it’s expensive, but the ROI will be worth the splurge.

The 6-Week Super Affiliate Course

As mentioned, John’s program is structured in six modules on which he discusses one per week. But since there are loads of information here, members can stretch the program to more weeks whenever it suits them.

Remember, this program is for those who are really running an actual website and willing to spend their money on ad campaigns. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you do the process right, the fruits of your labor will flood your bank account.

john crestani review

Here’s what covered on the six-week program:

Week 1, Module 1: Setting up the system

This is where the ride begins. John starts by setting up your website and ensuring that all the staples are ready.

If you already know this part, you can skip the first week and move on to the next. However, I don’t recommend doing so as the whole program has a specific progression. Besides, you should make the most out of your premium membership.

Basically, this is what the first week covers:

*Setting personal goals for the campaign

*Setting up the website for affiliate marketing

*Presell pages, how it works, how to make one, etc.

*Creating and setting up a Facebook ads account properly

*Discovering and using the best affiliate marketing networks

As you see, the first week is already teeming with information. Newbies are free to stretch it to another week to ensure that the foundation of the program is well executed.

Week 2, Module 2: Understanding the System

The biggest mistake of most digital marketers is they don’t study the system first before investing their money in it. This is why you shouldn’t miss this module. Even if you think that you’re skilled enough, you’ll be surprised to learn new techniques and information here.

There is precious information in this module that you should learn by heart. Of all the modules, this is the strongest part where research and application meets.

To give you a better idea about this Super Affiliate System review, here are the topics under the second module:

*Having the right state of mind toward success

*Affiliate niche research

*Speaking the language of your niche and finding data

*Establishing a network on your chosen niche

*Understanding user intent and how it plays a vital role in advertising and conversion

These points are very critical in succeeding in the whole program. Make sure that you understand all the points John gave here. Remember, this part is where you and your target audience’s intentions meet. If you hurry or make bad decisions, your success rate in the program will be compromised.

They key here is focusing and slowing down if need be.

Week 3, Module 3: Marketing Skills

Now that you have set up your website with affiliate links and have chosen your niche, the next big thing is marketing it to your target audience.

Here, John gave his copywriting formula so marketers can reach out to their leads and push them for conversion.

As you know, content is king in marketing. With that, you should know how to write a stellar sales copy that will attract attention and intention to purchase.

Here are the topics included in the third module:

*Important elements of sales and copywriting

*Discussion with Ronnie Sandlin, a 7-digit copywriter

*John Crestani’s 17-step copywriting formula to boost sales

*Using ads to earn bigger revenue

*More things you need to learn when optimizing ads

This module is the start of the actual monetization of your website. Remember, copywriting is a crucial point here. With John’s winning formula, marketers are guaranteed to have a grand payday.

Week 4, Module 4: Google and Facebook ads

On this part, you’re going to boost your site’s traffic and revenue through two major ad platforms: Google and Facebook. Some members were able to earn 4-figures a day by optimizing their Facebook ads the way John taught it.

Do this part properly and you can expect a flood of income on your account. Here are the topics discussed in the fourth week:

*Compliance to Facebook ads

*Case studies on Facebook ads

*Online marketing metrics you should know

*Google Ads Part 1

*Google Ads Part 2

*More case studies for Google and Facebook ads

*Discussion with expert Brian Pfeiffer about Facebook Ads

At this point, you’ll invest your money on Facebook and Google ads. As I said, you’re taking a calculated risk. With John’s guidance, earning is more likely than losing your capital.

Week 5, Module 5: Native ads and YouTube ads

Unlike the gold standard Facebook and Google, you’re going to dive deep into a different platform. Sure, you can reach a large audience through the two mentioned ad platforms, but the income YouTube and Native Ads can bring are astronomical.

Also, these additional ad platforms will open more income faucets for you. Just make sure that you understand the process to avoid large losses.

Here are the topics covered on the fifth module which we previewed for this Super Affiliate System review:

*How to set up MGID Native Ads properly

*More about native advertising

*Voluum DSP ads setup

*Setting YouTube Ads for the highest ROI possible

If you follow the instructions and tips on this module, your native and YouTube ad campaigns should run properly. Still, you have to remember that this is another investment that you need to fund. Nevertheless, the returns would be more than worth it after a few weeks or months.

Week 6, Module 6: Automation and scaling

On the last week or module of the Super Affiliate system, you will be taught how to make your campaigns more profitable. If everything is done right, all the discussed campaigns should be smooth sailing,

If you want to achieve the 6-figure income promise of SAS, you have to learn and invest the following:

*Utilizing survey funnels

*Scaling up your ad campaigns with larger investments

*Optimizing media buyers

*Solar niche case study

*Student loan case study

Once you successfully executed all these methods, your affiliate website should have a steady flow of income. Still, always remember that this isn’t an overnight process. Most of the time, members will take more than six weeks to have a full grasp of the system.

Bonus resources

If you think that the 6-Week program is enough to get you earning loads of money, John added more resources to boost your marketing skills. You can also use these added tools to expand your network and discover more opportunities for your website.

-Targeted Data

Thanks to John’s wide network, you will have access to emails of buyers that super affiliates can use. This part could be too advanced for users but it’s worth keeping.

There are targeted keywords that you can use in Google plus a list of custom audience per niche.

-PreSell Pages

If you want to succeed on your affiliate marketing, make sure that you use the PreSell pages available on the Super Affiliate System. You can use ClickFunnels or go directly to your site’s cPanel route.

These PreSell pages allow your website to stand out and gain more traffic. This will result in conversions in no time.

-Ad Swipes

If you really want to be a great digital marketer, you should know ad swipe files and why you should store it. In the SAS program, John will teach this among other tips.

Just take note that you shouldn’t copy the ad swipes in SAS as is. This will be clearer once you sign up for the program and after reading this Super Affiliate System review.


The coaching doesn’t stop after you finished the 6-week training program. John also has weekly webinars where he discusses more marketing hacks that will improve your strategies.

You can use this opportunity to ask questions directly to John and get answers. Although the whole program is huge, take some time to check this corner. There are golden nuggets of information here that will prove useful for your affiliate marketing business.

-SAS Community

John Crestani’s program is popular and widely used. With this, there’s also a community where you can join discussions. The threads are organized per module so you won’t be overwhelmed.

There’s also a segment called ‘Coaching Calls’. Here, you can make coaching calls and queue in questions if the line is taken. All of these make SAS a well-rounded and well-structured course for both newbie and veteran affiliates.

Affiliate marketing tools

Another great thing about this program is that John also gave some ready-to-use resources. This way, affiliates can get started easily to apply what they learned from John’s program.

Here are some of the tools that you can find in the program.

*Images with a high click-through rate

*Winning ad copy

*Ad Swipe files (as discussed above)

*Affiliate networks

*Landing pages that convert


There’s so much that you can utilize here. Of course, you’re free to test all the ad swipes and images on your liking. Those who had undergone the program attest to its converting power.

What to expect once you are in the SAS program

With such a high cost (discussed below), I think it’s just right that we put our expectations high in this Super Affiliate System review. Basically, here are some of the things you should expect to learn and achieve:

Copywriting like a pro – John banks on his 17-step copywriting formula that he said will help you win customers. By the end of the training, you should know how to write sales copies that attract and convert leads.

Analyzing data – Affiliate marketing isn’t just about turning knobs and buttons to open the floodgates of money into your website. You need to know how to analyze data and use it for the betterment of your business.

Perfect mindset – For a newbie, it’s easy to be distracted by the thought of not earning back your large investment on the program. John promises to help you achieve the right mindset that will lead you to earn 7-figure paychecks (too good to be true, ey?).

Proper research – In his modules, John emphasized the value of doing market research in order to target the right audience. John shows you how the research process goes. By the end of the program, you should know how to do this on your own.

Creating ads – Of all the topics covered on the program, creating and setting up ads ate much of the modules. There are also copy/paste ads that John provides for demonstration. And to be fair, he also gives out lavish ad credits so you can get started right away.

Ready to launch niche campaigns on SAS

Once you sign up to the Super Affiliate system, you’ll be guided on how to do niche research. Still, John gave some ready-to-launch campaigns including the following:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Probiotics
  3. Business opportunity
  4. Brain enhancement
  5. German muscle
  6. French muscle
  7. German diet
  8. Skincare

You can opt for this or research for another niche that will work in line with your interest. This part is discussed in detail on Week 1 and 2 of the program.


As much as the Super Affiliate System is a very attractive program, this is also one of the most expensive that I’ve seen. The IM JetSet’s $47 price is a pocket change compared to SAS 3.0 that costs $997. Yes, you read that right. It costs an arm and a leg which is too much to ask for newbies.

Here’s the proof if you don’t believe it:

john crestani super affiliate system

This doesn’t include the upsell of additional case studies. John claims that his program actually costs $37, 223. Well, he knows that no one in their right minds will pay for it.

John Crestani claimed that the first batch of Super Affiliate System students paid around $4,900 just to get the program. With that, the $997 is just a time-sensitive promotional rate. It’s already discounted if you can imagine.

Somehow, this marketing strategy plays its trick on potential members. The urgency, which is somehow an application of John’s teachings, will make someone feel that they are going to miss a big opportunity if they don’t sign up.

Yes, John’s Super Affiliate System might be for the books, but it’s a bit of a money-grab. There are other programs out there that are as comprehensive as his but offered in a realistic rate. Just our two cents in this Super Affiliate System review.

Despite the high price, John and his team guarantee that if you don’t earn the amount back through the program, they will give it back to you. For those who are willing to take the risk, this is a fair offer.

The success rate of the Super Affiliate System

What John promises is that you will succeed no matter what once you enroll in his program. And true enough, he flaunts the testimonials of successful marketers who are now making up to 6-figures monthly with the help of his program.

There are a lot of people who succeeded in using SAS, but let’s admit that the process isn’t overnight. You need to have a certain level of skill to execute all the modules in the program. Although it’s outlined to be a six-week program, it will take more than that to master and see results.

Here’s Gregg Martin, a student of Super Affiliate System and his testimonial about how it helped him earn big money online:

Here’s another one from Sumeet Harish who described the program as “like being pulled out of the matrix”:

These people made real success by following SAS and putting it a lot of work and patience. Don’t let the hype mislead you. Yes, SAS is going to guide you toward establishing a profitable affiliate business, but you also need to do more legwork to sustain it.

The Super Affiliate System Funnel

Just so you know what you’re going to sign up to, I’ve outlined here the sales funnel of the Internet Jetset and the Super Affiliate System. It’s also a great example if you’re developing your own sales funnel.

However, I will also discuss some ugly points here to save you from tripping into some roadblocks:

Step 1 of the sales funnel: landing page

Now, all the visitors would be directed to a page where John Crestani encourages them to sign up for a free webinar. Smart move, no person will say no to something free, especially if it has to do with making money.

super affiliate system 3.0 review


Step 2 of the sales funnel: the webinar

Since the webinar is free, this is guaranteed to hook just about anyone who’s up for some marketing lessons. John hooks you to the idea of making profitable affiliate businesses.

However, he won’t discuss how you can avail his premium program until he finishes the webinar. By this time, you’re sold to his sales pitch. You’re keen to put your money on it.

John discusses tons of information on how you can make money online. However, he won’t spill everything for free which leads us to the next step.

Step 3 of the sales funnel: purchasing the IM JetSet

This initial program is valued at $47. Such a price is mid-range for most marketers and tolerable for those who are sold to John’s pitch.

After purchasing this, some parts can get tricky. There’s this available upsell for Case Study Archive worth $187. On the landing page after paying for the IM JetSet, there’s a button that says “Give Me Access to the JetSet Inner Circle for $187”.

You click it and then, BOOM! It automatically deducts the amount to the payment method you used for the IM JetSet. There’s no other page that discusses what the inner circle is or how you will purchase it.

It’s a bait and you’re not supposed to bite into it if you’re not willingly planning to access the upsell.

What I love about the Super Affiliate System

There’s so much to like in this program considering that it promises to help you succeed on your affiliate marketing venture. With that, here’s what I like the most in this Super Affiliate System review:

It’s a step-by-step training

I know. All programs similar to SAS will have the same hierarchical structure. But with a program containing as much information as the Super Affiliate System, it’s quite difficult to achieve.

All the students will be guided on every step, from picking a niche and running a large-scale ad campaign. It’s easy to follow, though it will require tons of patience.

Money-back guarantee

Honestly, the high cost of the Super Affiliate System is shocking. But with John Crestani assuring you that you’ll succeed no matter what is a fair trade. If you don’t earn money by the end of the program, they will refund your money.

It’s still a risk but a very low one. The only thing that you’ll regret over is the time and effort you lose if the system didn’t work for you.

Ready-made templates and landing pages

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, you’ll benefit from the ready-made templates found on SAS. Somehow, it justifies the value of the entire program.

However, use this with caution. You’re not supposed to copy the templates as is or it will hurt your Google rankings

What can be improved?

The Super Affiliate System isn’t a perfect program. There are some issues and loopholes that expert marketers may find. Here are some things that I think can make some improvements:

Making more realistic claims

John Crestani promises that you will earn up to $1,000 in your first week on the program. Some experienced marketers would disagree.

Also, John’s pitch of earning your first commission in two hours is quite iffy. The fact that affiliate marketing has a steep learning curve makes this claim a bit dubious.

Sure, veteran marketers can possibly do this, but not for newbie ones. Unless they will resort to fooling Amazon.

Reducing the salesy front

What I find problematic with John’s approach is it’s too salesy to the find that it starts to portray an unrealistic image. You must agree, John Crestani is a good talker and he can persuade people to put their money into his bank.

Although some wouldn’t find any problem here as long as the program works, some users think that it’s a red flag for a possible scam.

Better email support, please

There’s nothing stellar with Super Affiliate System’s customer support. Sometimes, it takes too long to answer back which is a big issue since the program costs a lot.

Considering that John claims that there are many people who succeeded on his program, he should’ve invested some of his money to provide better customer support.

Compared to the content you will find in the SAS member area, this Super Affiliate System review is just the tip of the iceberg. See for yourself and let us know if the program works for you.

See how it works

SAS has its pros and cons, but it begs further scrutiny to gauge its effectiveness.

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