We have seen an number of software applications which are destroying the computers around us. Some of the most popular ones include viruses like the wanna cry PC locker. There might be a number of sensitive things you might save on your PC. One of the most common practices is saving the passwords and storing media files on your hardware. If you are one of those people who has sensitive information on their computers, we recommend that you follow this post so that you can get the best antivirus software possible for your PC.

Best Antivirus - Bulletproof Blueprint 2019

Best Antivirus – The Only Blueprint You Need To Understand

We know that there are people who do not have any sort of sensitive information on their computers, but, if you do not want to get logged out of your pc and more importantly, locked out of your pc, if you are a webmaster then your hosting may also get compromised make sure that you install the antivirus software which we recommend. There are a number of factors which play an important part in this evaluation. Some of the most significant things are core uses, scan speed, file size as well as the weight of the processes.



The reality is that we cannot put a stop to the hackers who are trying to hijack our system and earn a profit off of it or are trying to simply destroy systems for fun. We have to be realistic here. Cyber crime keeps on growing and we need to grow our counter force as well. That is the reason that the new generation antiviruses have been going even further in terms of protection.

We have to be aware of the fact that when we try and install a new antivirus software, we have to let the antivirus software access all the data that we have on our hard drive. That is the main  reason we should choose a brand that is trusted globally so we do not face any problems with the data leakage in the future.

When it comes to the best antivirus softwares in the market right now, we can assure you that we are on the side of McAfee here. We have considered all the factors in here. The factors are On-Demand malware scanning, On-access malware scanning, ratings on multiple websites, Malicious URL blocking.

Duplicate sign in protection, detecting the behaviours of the processes which are running and predicting their maliciousness, adding priority to the most risky processes, scanning for vulnerabilities inside of the existing applications which you use and preventing them from harming your operating system. In short, be it malware, spyware, adware, this is one of the best antivirus softwares you can use in order to block it beforehand. All it needs is some time to install and get your custom preferences set.

You might not even need to set any custom preferences if you are a new user. We are sure that this will work just in any device. One of the biggest business models in the world is writing harmful codes. This is one business which most people are unaware of because they do not know what goes on behind the scenes. These people/organisations hire hackers in order to code for zero day vulnerabilities.

 Zero Day

Zero day vulnerabilities mean that they search for the holes in the applications which have not yet been discovered and write the exact code to use those holes and get into the app, this application might be your Operating System and they will be able to command the Operating System which you are using through the code which they write. In simple terms, they can use control everything about your computer once they gain access using the virus.

These kind of spywares can capture your credit card details and use your credit card to crack amazon deals. They cannot be traced back to the origin because the addresses used might be the fake ones. The viruses which lock you out of your system can only be cracked if you are able to pay up the price which they have mentioned. The files which you have will be encrypted and will not unlock unless you do it.

Heres what Mcafee does

Listen to the user systems

All the reports submitted by the system which you are using to the Mcafee antivirus will be taken into account and all of them will be analysed by us so that you can completely be safe. All of the updates which we have using your data as well as other sources will be transferred to you in an instant using our high speed servers which give you unlimited bandwidth.

Testing Malware, Spyware as well as Adware defenses

All of the products which develop are tested for the appropriate defense so that there are no external virus files which will disable our product and affect your pc. In fact, to uninstall the product, you will need a special uninstalled which we have developed. We even rate other products which you have installed on your computer for malware problems as well as test the vulnerabilities and we rate their protection out of 10 points so that you can manually figure out the safety level.

Multiple Layers of protection

There are a lot of different ways that the spyware can access your computer. There are viruses which log what you type. They can record all the keystrokes and intelligently report it to the key which has been validated on the server side to identify what you have typed. This includes, email-ids, passwords, personal messages including the username.


We have firewalls, ransomware protection, VPN and a lot more. So, the final verdict is that the antivirus software which you install should be Mcafee because it will offer you a single click protection schema and will cover all the features and functionalities in your Windows Operating system using multiple layers which have been programmed in a way that they cannot be bypassed.


This is one of the best articles which you can follow along if you want to completely bulletproof your operating system as well as gain knowledge on antiviruses. We hope that this article helped you out. Have a good day.

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