How would you like to be your own boss and work with something you love? Or how about being able to work whenever and wherever you want, and make money even when you’re sound asleep?

Then starting a home based business might be just the thing for you!

I’m Jay, founder of this site, and I will teach you how to start a successful online business of your own!

I’ve spent countless of hours and thousands of dollars on finding a legitimate way to make money online without high risks or big investments, and after finally getting results for lots of hard work and frustration, I’ve come up with the safest and most cost-efficient way to build a successful business and earn a passive income online.

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Online income: Our goal and definition

To avoid any confusion, I first want to map out our primary goal here at Second Online Income, and that is:

“To build an online business that utilize systems of automation, to allow customer relations, cash flow and growth to happen without requiring a real-time presence.”

In other words, we don’t trade time for money. We invest our time upfront by creating valuable products to be automatically applied in the future. We work hard now to continuously reap the fruits of our labor later.


The Second Online Income business model

Our business model, and the model that your future online business will follow if you decide to join our educational program, is the main foundation of our online business, as well as everything we teach here at Second Online Income. To give you a basic impression of how it works, here’s a quick introduction:

1. Find your business niche.

Your niche will be the audience you’re trying to target with your business’ products and services. This can be anything in the world, and we want you to pick something that interests and excites you and gets you motivated when you think about it.

Our goal is to have fun with your business and what you’re doing, and when you choose a passion that excites you and keeps you motivated, chances are that success are more likely to follow.

2. Build a website

Your website will be the store front of your business, and your face to the public. Your website will be promoting your business even when you’re doing other things, and it will automate the process of visitor traffic, customer sales, transactions and income.

It is now easier than ever to make a free website, and with our training program’s free website manager tool you can have your own customized website up and going in a matter of seconds.

3. Attract visitors to your website


You need visitors at your site to see what you’re good for and what you have to offer, and if you manage to catch their interest, these visitors might eventually convert into paying customers. You must utilize marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization to get your products and services out to the public.

I will help you with all this, and our extensive online business training program have some amazing tactics and training courses on generating website traffic.

Build links to all your sites automatically with SEO AutoPilot Software.


4. Earn revenue $

Once you have an audience, you can start promoting your products and services to them. There’s many ways you can monetize your online business, and not only do our educational program offer extensive guides and training on a wide range of them, they also offer an opportunity to earn revenue directly through their affiliate program. There is even a comprehensive bootcamp training course designed specifically to optimize your affiliate results.


What Second Online Income is NOT

Second Online Income is NOT a quick-and-easy-money scheme

I just want to make it clear that making money online isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen over night. Many internet entrepreneurs will try to convince you otherwise just to sell you their product, but I won’t sugarcoat that it takes time and hard work to start a successful online business and make money online. I can hand you all the best tools, recipes and information in the world, but if you won’t invest the time and effort needed to achieve your goals, then I can’t help.

Second Online Income is NOT impossible!

If you are prepared to invest time and hard work to start a successful online career, you are in for a treat. As I’ve said already, I’ve spent countless of hours and thousands of dollars on testing out different tactics and programs to earn a decent and legitimate income online without high risks or big investments. In fact, with my strategy and recommended training program, you can learn how to start a successful online business completely for free!

Get started today and set up your completely free starter account within the Wealthy Affiliate University to get an inside look of the training platform and all of it’s great features and benefits. This will give you free accessto their educational program, and you’ll get access to leading tools to create and manage your own website.


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