One of the most profitable ventures for many people these days is Amazon affiliate marketing. But as an Amazon affiliate are you aware that there are other ways that you can do to earn more money? Well, there is a lot and one of which is the Amalinks Pro.

Amalinks Pro Review: An Excellent WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

But what exactly Amalinks Pro is? Would you like to know the answer? If so, then check out our Amalinks pro review below to learn more about it.

What is Amalinks Pro?

Created by Matthew Allen, Amalinks Pro is a WordPress plugin that has a number of Amazon affiliate abilities.

This plugin was specially tailored to help Amazon affiliates by giving them the necessary tools that let them make more cash. This is achieved by enhancing the reviews of their products so that they will have higher conversion rates.

One of the main reasons why some persons fail at making money as an affiliate is that they don’t have any idea of what it takes to make great excellent product reviews. What’s more, they’re not using the right layout as well as other important elements that will maintain the attention of the reader and immediately cause the readers to acquire the product.

Not only that, there’s a fact that WordPress may take some time to familiarize. While familiarizing is making mistakes that have bad effects for the product review is pretty ease.

But with Amalinks Pro, these problems will be solved in no time.

What Are the Features of This Amalinks ProPlugin?

  1. 100 percent Amazon Compliant

With Amalinks Pro, you don’t need to worry about your affiliate account on Amazon getting banned for placing data, links, and images improperly.

Since the data of this plugin is pulled from the API of Amazon directly, it is 100 percent Amazon compliant. What’s more, Amalinks Pro is made according to the compliance standards of Amazon.

  1. Search Products on Amazon within the WordPress Admin

Unlike other WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing, the Amalinks Pro will let you look for products that you can add to your website in your WordPress admin.

  1. Insert Showcase Boxes

This plugin will let you spice up your product reviews using showcase boxes. Here, you will be able to display the reviews, ratings, images, and information of your product. The links, on the other hand, are pulled from Amazon’s API thus you’re certain that it is 100 percent within the terms of amazon.

  1. Insert text links to the WordPress pages and posts

With Amalinks pro you will be able to create, edit, insert and preview Amazon affiliate links within your content.

  1. Buy or Add Custom CTA Buttons

Every Amazon affiliate knows that adding buttons to pages as well as posts has never been easy, not with this plugin. With Amalinks Pro, you can easily make, design, and even add call to action buttons with just a few clicks that consist of your Amazon affiliate tracking details.

  1. Perfectly works with Gutenberg 

In the actual fact, a lot of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins won’t work with Gutenberg, a new WordPress editor. Even so, Amalinks Pro makes use of custom blocks that perfectly works with the new editor. Nevertheless, it also works with the Classic Editor.

  1. Make Comparison Tables 

With Amalinks Pro’s table builder, you will be able to ad product comparison tables easily. The good thing about these tables is that they’re completely responsive. What’s more, all the details are pulled from the API of Amazon.

How to Setup Amalinks Pro In Your WordPress Site?

Setting up this plugin is pretty easy. But before we move on the installation process here are the requirements that you need to comply in order to run Amalinks Pro:

  • A WordPress website that is self-hosted and not
  • An official Amazon Associate affiliate account.
  • Your web hosting should be running on PHP 7. If you’re not sure, consider confirming the version of your PHP with your hosting provider.
  • You should have access to the Amazon Product Advertising API

Now that you already know the requirements, here’s how to setup Amalinks Pro

Step 1: Download the Amalinks Plugin File

  • Open your Amalinks pro account
  • Click on My Account and choose Downloads
  • From here, download the plugin file, by clicking on the files.

Step 2: Install the Amalinks Affiliate Plugin

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Tap on Upload Plugin, followed by Browse and then select the file

From there, the plugin will be installed.

Step 3: Activate your Amalinks Pro License

Once the plugin is successfully installed, you need to activate your license right away. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

  • Open your Amalinks Pro Account
  • Go to LICENSE tab
  • Then copy the license code for the plugin
  • After that, go to your WordPress Dashboard – Amalinks Pro
  • In the textbox paste the license key and click Activate

You have now activated the plugin on your WordPress site.

How to Use Amalinks Pro?

Once the installation and activation are successfully done, the plugin will do all the hard work in exchange for a few clicks. After installing it, you’ll see an Amalinks Pro button on the editor. All you need to do is click it and a search bar will pop up.

  • Look for products

On the search bar, type whatever products on Amazon you want to advertise. What it’ll do is that it will pull out all the products that are related to your search query.

  • Choose the Amazon products that you want to advertise

From here, all you need to do is click the Amazon product that you want to add to your page and post. After that, you will be directed to another page wherein you need to select the kind of promotion you want to make.

  • Determine which kind of link you want to utilize

Here there are four options where you can choose from. To help you decide which one you should use, we will discuss the links one by one.

  1. Image link

With this link, you are allowed to incorporate pictures right to your post that are 100 percent compliant to Amazon’s TOS. Amalinks Pro utilizes the API of Amazon thus you are 100 percent sure you are not using any black hat technique.

Nevertheless, to add photos, click the IMAGE link and select the photo as well as the size you want to use. With just a couple of clicks, you will have beautiful images that are completely compliant.

  1. CTA link

Now inserting call to action (CTA) buttons becomes a lot easier. Simply click the CTA link and you can make the best CTA button with your Amazon affiliate details already embedded to the code.

  1. Text Link

If you opt to use this kind of link, you will be able to enter text links to your post that consist of your Amazon affiliate tracking without any hassle. With just a few clicks you will be able to enter the link.

  1. Showcase

One of the best features of this plugin is Showcase. When you choose this type of link, it will create an attractive showcase box that directly pulls out the information from Amazon. Usually, the showcase link contains reviews and view ratings, images, bullet points, and titles. Since they can be pulled out from Amazon directly, you’ll want to edit every section.

How Much Does It Cost?

Amalinks Pro is one of the most affordable WordPress plugins that you can have today. Also, there are different pricing options where you can choose from.

  • Basic plan ($67 per year)

You can use this for up to five websites with a yearly renewal period. Within the year of your acquisition, you will have a free plugin update and more importantly, you can add showcase boxes, buy or CTA buttons, image links, and text links.

  • Premium Plan ($97 per year)

In this option, you can use the Amalinks Pro in 25 sites. The main difference of this plan to the basic plan aside from the number of sites is that it comes with a table builder.

  • Platinum Plan ($397 one-time payment)

This plan has everything the first two options have. What’s more, you can it on as many websites as you want. Nevertheless, it is a lifetime acquisition that has free updates forever.

Amalinks Pro: Is it A Good Investment?

Making great product reviews is very time-consuming and difficult. Not only that, adding images is hard since you need to make sure that they are 100 percent Amazon compliant.

On the other hand, creating beautiful CTA buttons and comparison tables will take so much time as well. You need to open your affiliate account, make links, and embed them to your post manually. Also, it is impossible to make showcase boxes that look professional.

But with Amalinks Pro, making the best product reviews becomes much easier. In addition to that, everything you make is 100 percent compliant with the affiliate terms of Amazon.

With that in mind, it is safe to say that Amalinks Pro is a good investment and worth every centavo.