Introduction to earning money online: Understanding the basics

All over the internet you hear amazing success stories about making money online, deciding your own business hours, being your own boss, and have a passive income ticking into your personal bank account on a regular basis. Now, you probably wonder how you, with no experience at all, can grab a piece of this amazing income opportunity?

Here I will teach you how to build a successful and legitimate online business, and to create free website and earn money online, but first of all, here’s a quick introduction to get you familiar with the basics of how it all works:

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Earn Money Online: Understanding the basics

Before anything else, it is highly important to be familiar with the basics. You need to understand how you’re making money and where your money comes from. This way you can make sure that your income is all honest and legitimate, that your customers are satisfied with your services, and that you won’t run into any unexpected legal issues.

First of all, to start making money online you need to start a business. Starting an online business is very similar to building an offline one, and it takes time and effort to make your business succeed. People have a tendency of thinking that making money online is easy and done in a mouse click, but it’s not. If anyone offers you quick and easy money online, it’s either gambling with very low odds of success, or a complete scam.

I don’t gamble, and I’m certainly not trying to scam you. In fact, all my services are completely free, and if you ever see me asking you to pay for anything, it’s only because I want to offer you a valuable product or service to help you build your business to greater heights.

These are usually products that I use myself on a daily basis, and I will always provide a comprehensive product reviews to show you exactly what it is, what it does and how it will help you in starting a online business.

Now back to building your business. Even though starting an online business takes time and effort, working online comes with some quite amazing benefits, and here’s some that I’m sure you will find appealing:


5 Awesome Benefits of running a business online

1. You’re free to decide your own business hours, and as long as you’re close to a computer, you can pretty much work whenever and wherever you want.

2. You can actually make money 24/7. Your website will be there and generate sales for you, even when you’re sound asleep, or busy doing other things.

3. You save yourself a lot of costs as you don’t have all the expenses that a regular business has. You can even sell stuff that delivers itself and save money, time and space on inventories and logistics.

4. Internet is world-wide! More than 3 BILLION (!) people have access to the internet, and there’s no other way in the world you can ever reach out to this massive amount of potential customers.

5. If you follow my advice, you will risk absolutely nothing, and the reward potential is HUGE!

These are just some of the many amazing benefits of running a home based business online, so you see it’s a great advantage to running one offline. Now let’s get started on the actual process of making money online.


The ground recipe for making money online

There are actually a lot of ways you can make an income online, and the work tasks and tools may vary based on the content and niche that you choose for your business to focus on.

Because this guide is an introduction to the industry and doesn’t focus on a specific type of business or niche, I will show you the ground recipe for building and monetizing your online business, without going into too specific details.

Step 1: Choose your business niche

One of the starting points in making money online is selecting a niche for your business. A niche is basically a specific business theme, or a group of people that you’re targeting with the products and/or services of your business.

For example, if you’ve invented a revolutionary new diet supplement you will try to target an audience in the healthy living niche, or if you have a brand of golf clubs that you’d like to sell, you would try to reach out to someone in the golf niche.

Your niche can be pretty much anything, and whatever you decide for your niche to be, if you produce high quality material and do your job thoroughly, you can make a pretty solid income on basically any niche.


Step 2: Build your business foundation

Imagine yourself that your business is like a skyscraper. The bigger you want your skyscraper to be, the stronger foundation you need, and the basic foundation of any successful online business is their website. Your website is the store window of your business, and the platform that will promote your business to your audience.

There’s so much competition out there that spamming the heck out of Facebook just isn’t enough to achieve success. You need a professional website to build a holding foundation for your online business, and I will teach you everything you need to know on how to build a professional website completely for free.

Step 3: Create high quality content

It speaks for itself that to get paid, you need someone to buy what you’re offering, and people will not buy just anything. To get people’s attention you need quality web page content. You must provide something that others need, and you must show them that you’re serious, and that you will provide them with quality services that’s worth paying for.

Your content can be basically anything, from text, like a blog or a review, to a service, or audio, video, images and so on. Whatever you do, build high quality content and the buyers will come eventually.

Step 4: Bring traffic to your website

You have your foundation, so now you want people to see it. You need traffic for your website. But how do you point people to your direction and make them visit your site? There’s numerous ways to do this, and if you got quality content then it’s actually fairly easy.

– 1. Create high quality content

– 2. Do keyword research and utilize SEO

– 3. Get Google-rankings (which you automatically get for content and SEO)

– 4. Advertise your content

– 5. (optional) Pay for traffic

This is where it starts to get complicated. This stuff might be highly difficult to learn and do on your own. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. This is what I do every day and what makes me a consistent income online.

Just keep on reading and I will teach you everything you need to know, and also give you my “secret weapon” for success. But first, let’s continue and see how you can turn these 4 steps into actual profit.

Monetizing your online business

So you see, the principle is actually quite simple. Website + content + traffic = SUCCESS! 

But now the big question is, how do you turn this into money? There’s numerous ways you can turn your traffic into money, but the basic principle is through promotion and advertising. Online advertising is an insanely huge industry and companies spend more than a HUNDRED BILLION dollars every year on online advertising alone.

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube and got annoyed by the commercial video that pops up right before your video starts? If you click one of those, you will get redirected to that company’s website. Companies actually pay a lot of money for those ads, and the more people that click it, the more they pay. They pay for the traffic.

That way Traffic = Money.

So what is it that gives Youtube all it’s traffic?
Their content, the videos of course.
Every time you or others watch a video there, you increase their traffic.

So that way Content = Traffic. get it?

Content = Traffic = Money

Companies need website traffic to sell their products, and many companies will pay you a significant fee to redirect your traffic to them. This spares them for expensive advertising costs and you will earn yourself a nice commission for it. If your website is getting traffic, it’s fairly easy to redirect your traffic to someone that’ll pay good money for it.

To learn more about website monetization, see my Guide to Online Business Monetization.

Don’t Try This Alone!

So now you know the ” basic recipe” for how you can make a legitimate income online, but there’s still so many mistakes to avoid out there, and I’ve already made most of them for you. I will teach you everything you need to know and hand you all the tools you need to be successful online.

Just head over to my Get Started! page, and try out my secret weapon for success yourself. It’s all completely free, no strings attached, and you can even try it for as long as you like without paying as much as a penny.

Good luck on your quest, and if you’ve found this page helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends.