Jaaxy Review – The ultimate keyword research tool

One of the core elements of SEO is to utilize the right keywords for your website. Switching out a phrase or two with some well chosen low competitive keywords in your web pages can actually mean a significant difference on your search engine rankings and organic website traffic.

But how do you find amazing keywords that boosts your search engine rankings and opens the floodgates to free organic website traffic?

To give you an answer to that, I need to share with you one of my favorite tools that I use to find top notch SEO keywords for all my articles before release. I’ve been testing out many different tools and techniques for this, but none have shown to be as effective and time-saving as Jaaxy.

To show you exactly what I mean, here’s my full review of the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool:

Jaaxy Research tool – Full review

Name: Jaaxy

Website: Jaaxy.com

Price: Free trial/ pro: $19 per month/ enterprise: $49 per month

Founder: Kyle & Carson of WA

My rating:
5/5 Stars (Highly recommended!)

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced SEO keyword research tool. It’s comprehensive features and ease of use makes it the fastest and most efficient tool for finding the hottest and best SEO keywords for your website and increase your search engine rankings, even if you have no experience in the field.

In addition to keyword research, Jaaxy also provides many other handy features such as in-depth competition analysis, domain name and niche research, affiliate marketing research and comparing, and features to determine how your web pages rank for their targeted keywords.

Who should use Jaaxy?

As Jaaxy is developed by internet marketers, for internet marketers, the tool is truly optimized to fit the needs of any striving online business owner or website administrator looking to improve their search engine rankings and boost their organic website traffic.

The developers of Jaaxy knows that the world of internet marketing and SEO can be confusing, so unlike similar tools out there, Jaaxy tries to keep all the fancy data, metrics and numbers that you don’t really need to a minimum and focus on the ones that you do.

This makes Jaaxy just as suitable for beginners as professionals, and whether you’re a major successful online entrepreneur, or just a smalltown website owner, Jaaxy will eventually play a significant role in your quest for building your successful online business.

Pros and Cons of using Jaaxy

Simply put, Jaaxy is the #1 research tool for any serious internet marketer or website administrator. To give you a basic impression, here’s a short list of the pros and cons of Jaaxy and it’s many great benefits.


  • Test drive before you buy with 30 free searches.
  • No software to download or install.
  • In-depth analysis based on several major search engines.
  • Many advanced features that noone else provides.
  • Training videos available even with the free account.
  • 3 different price levels, choose the one that suits you.
  • Earn credits by referring others.
  • Makes it easy to narrow down your competition and find the best and hottest keywords in no time.


  • The free trial comes with some limitations and only gives you 30 free searches.
  • Although Jaaxy is quite clear and organized, it can be a bit complex at first. It’s highly recommended to watch the training videos before getting started.

Now let’s get familiar with the program

Before getting more into the many advanced features of Jaaxy, let’s first get to know Jaaxy a little bit by understanding how it can be used to enhance your website content and search engine rankings.

The video below will guide you through some of the functions of Jaaxy and show you how you can utilize Jaaxy in your business, using “Bluetooth Headphones” as a sample niche. Keep in mind that Jaaxy recently changed their layout, and that this is from the old version, but the functions remains the same.

As you can see by the video, Jaaxy is really easy to use, and it will save you for precious time and resources by finding socalled “low hanging fruit” keywords, or low competitive keywords that still receives a decent amount of monthly searches.

The thing is, if you simply write new content like it’s natural for you, or blindly target keywords based on a hunch or Google search, there’s a great chance that you will choose highly competitive keywords that will be almost impossible to get ranked for.

It’s much better to get ranked on the first page of a low competitive keyword with decent traffic than being on the 10th page of a high competitive one. That’s why we need to do some research to find the right keywords that are easier for the picking, and this is where Jaaxy shines!

My #1 solution for finding top notch keywords

When I try to find the best keywords to climb the search engine rankings, there’s really just 3 things I need worry about and that is:

  1. If there’s a lot of competition for my targeted keyword
  2. If the keyword has a decent amount of monthly traffic
  3. If the keyword makes sense when using it in a sentence

The last one you really have to judge for yourself, but for the first two, Jaaxy provides the most accurate readings in the world as it combines data from all the major search engines out there. This is why I use Jaaxy for finding the best keywords available before I publish anything on my site. Let me show you how I do it:

Example niche idea: Cheap Golf Clubs

Let’s say I’m interested in targeting Cheap Golf clubs as my new online business niche. I simply type my targeted keyword which is “cheap golf clubs” into the Jaaxy search box, and almost immediately Jaaxy have produced a list of everything I need to know about my keyword, as well as 29 other related keyword phrases.

I can now use any one of these keyword phrases to create a domain name or grab some new content ideas. Each one of these keyword phrases could be a targeted keyword in a new blog article of mine, and if I write some high quality content around it and do my SEO correctly, my site will eventually have no problems getting ranked on the first page of that keyword.

Check out the chart that Jaaxy made me when searching for “cheap golf clubs” below. Especially notice the average monthly searches, estimated monthly traffic, the Keyword quality color indicator, and the QSR (competing websites for that keyword). These are the numbers of traffic that you could expect to see if you’re ranked on the first page of Google for that keyword.

As you can see by the chart, there’s actually quite a few decent keywords that I could target to increase my chances of ranking high in search engines with my new post.

I usually try to target keywords with less than 200 competing websites (QSR) and more than 100 average monthly traffic (Avg).

By this chart you can also easily see what domains are available for that exact keyword, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you have, you can simply click any one of the related keywords on the right side for 30 more keywords to choose from.

Not only is this feature really easy to use, it is also a lot more comprehensive and accurate than any other similar tool in this industry, and it gives you all the intel you need in just one clear and simple chart.

Try it out yourself completely for free in the box below:

The many features of Jaaxy

Jaaxy offers a wide range of features that’s optimized to fit the needs and wants of any striving internet entrepreneur and/or website owner. I’ve already mentioned some of them, but here’s a more comprehensive list of some of great features that Jaaxy has to offer:

  • Niche research and refinement

Most people starting a business do struggle to find a niche to work with. Everyone wants a profitable business, but to do manage that we first need to know which niche is in demand.

Jaaxy’s brainstorm feature and “alphabet soup technique” is designed to help you with just that. You simply type in a broad niche idea and Jaaxy will show you what’s trending in search engines in real-time. You can then choose to narrow down the broad term into more specific niche ideas to eventually be able to choose a profitable low-competitive niche for your new business.

  • Domain availability research

One of the highest priorities of Search engine optimization is whether or not the targeted keyword is to find in the website domain name. This means that if your website has a keyword rich domain name for it’s niche, you might actually immediately rank high and see yourself getting tons of free traffic just for your domain name alone.

Jaaxy has an in-built feature that immediately checks whether or not the keyword you’ve searched for, and all the related keywords that Jaaxy provides for every search, are available as a .com .net or .org domain name.

Not only will this save you tons of time and effort in when you’re looking for a domain name for your site, you can even secure yourself a keyword rich website before you’re even getting started to produce content.

  • Check your Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs)

With Jaaxy’s Site Rank feature you can easily analyze your site rankings and check which of your posts or pages are ranking for their targeted keywords, and on what page and position they’re currently ranked at in search engines.

Here you can see in what position and page my website is ranked for the keywords: “get traffic my blog” and “how to start up your own website”.

Ideally you should regularly check your SERPs to find out whether or not your SEO efforts are working, and if there’s anything you should change or improve to rectify it.

The search analysis feature will even allow you to dissect why your pages are ranked as they are and why others are ranked higher or lower than you. This is a great way not only to gain insight into your competitors rankings, but also find out what you can do to be better than your competitors and improve your own rankings.


  • Affiliate Programs oportunities

The new update of Jaaxy comes with even another great feature, and that is a feature where you can search for affiliate programs related to your niche. Instead of spending time and effort on searching manually for each affiliate network, you’ll just type a targeted keyword and Jaaxy will provide you with a list of different affiliate programs related to your keyword.

Depending on what niche you are in, there’s literally thousands of different affiliate programs that wants to hire you to promote their brands and products. To be able to connect with every single one of them with just a mouseclick will not only save you a ridiculous amount of time, but perhaps even hook you up with a business partner that you might not had found on your own.

  • The Main Feature: Keyword Research

Jaaxy’s keyword research feature is probably the worlds most advanced and provides the most accurate numbers of any other tool out there. Not only does it say whether a keyword is good or not, it also:

  • Suggests similar and related keywords for every keyword you search for.
  • Estimates monthly searches based on previous results.
  • Indicates how much traffic you can expect by being on the 1st page of Google for those keywords.
  • Quoted Search Results (QSR) shows how many websites are competing for the keyword.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) gives a color indication of the overall quality of the keyword.
  • Keyword SEO power ranks keywords on a scale of 1 to 100 based on all factors. This is THE main feature that makes Jaaxy the best and most advanced keyword research tool on the market.

It’s also worth noticing that unlike similar tools out there, Jaaxy actually combines results from several major search engines, and not just Google. Search engines like Yahoo! and Bing still holds almost 30% of the market and you wouldn’t want to miss out on one third of your potential traffic would you?

Jaaxy support and training

As I’ve said earlier, Jaaxy can be a bit complex at first, but luckily Kyle and Carson provides all the necessary training you need to understand and optimize your Jaaxy experience and to utilize it properly.

Jaaxy also have a 24 Hour Support Team that’s always ready and willing to help, and although it doesn’t come with an official support forum, you can get most of your questions answered, as well as connect directly with the owners of Jaaxy in the Wealthy Affiliate community forum. The guys over at WA are always very helpful, and most of them are also familiar with Jaaxy as it’s the #1 recommended keyword research tool at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Pricing Options

Jaaxy has 3 different pricing options to choose from:

FREE trial membership – 30 free searches

The free trial let’s you test drive Jaaxy for 30 free searches. It has has no obligations to it, but if you’re a fresh and striving online entrepreneur looking for a boost on your way to success, you won’t have any issues on seeing the value of upgrading to a pro account long before your 30 free searches are over.

PRO membership – $19/month or $199/year (save $29)

The pro membership gives you all the in-depth analysis you need to build your online business and start harvesting organic search engine traffic for your site. This is the option to go for if you’re fresh and on a budget as it provides the same value as the enterprise membership, but have some limitations when it comes to speed, volume and quantity.

ENTERPRISE membership – $49/month or $499/year (save $89)

Enterprise is where the hardcore stuff happens. Not only do they provide all of Jaaxy’s amazing features, but it does it in record time. It lets you find keywords and SERP rankings in an instant, lets you sort your results exactly like you want, provides responsive usability, and let’s you test new features before they’re even officially released. This is the membership to go for if you’re a real power user.

Here’s a graphic to show you the differences between each membership:

Final Verdict

As a daily user myself I can clearly say that Jaaxy is worth every penny you choose to invest. It’s the best keyword search tool on the market, and a must have for any serious internet entrepreneur, and if you’re interested in building your online business, boosting your website visitation rates, and optimize your siteto improve search engine rankings for free organic website traffic, Jaaxy will easily become one of your favorite tools for the job.

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