Aweber Review – Email Marketing Made Easy

What is Aweber?

Aweber is the internet’s most powerful autoresponder tool for email marketing and subscriber communications. Whether you’re a newbie looking for the basics of email marketing, or an established business entrepreneur in the need of a highly sophisticated program that can handle enterprise level needs, Aweber is the tool for the job!

Who should use Aweber?

Aweber can and should be used by business entrepreneurs of all levels looking to increase their customer relations and promote their business through email marketing. It truly does not matter the industry you’re in; Aweber has the ability to tweak itself for use in everything from the simplest to highly specialized situations.

What are the benefits of using the program?

The main benefit of using a program like Aweber is the time that it saves you. Tasks that would normally be outsourced to a specialized department are now done automatically with a simple mouseclick. You will now be free to spend more time on the more strategic and long term aspects of your company.

There is also a great deal to say about the personalization that Aweber offers. Email marketing do suffer from being mis-categorized as spam, but with Aweber, not only will you be able to automate your messages and send out more emails in a shorter amount of time, you will also be able to personalize those messages in order to increase your credibility and customer relations, which again will potentially lower your bounce rates and uphold your brand reputation.

Check out the video below to see how Aweber works and how it will help to evolve your business to new heights:

What can I expect of Aweber?

For the most part, Aweber is the only email marketing program that you will ever need. It’s feature set is one of the most comprehensive ones on the market and includes the following highlights:

  • Automatic follow-up email autoresponder
  • Easily collect and manage subscribers
  • Over 600 pre-fixed email templates
  • Direct sharing through social media
  • Reliable email deliverability
  • Campaigns triggered by the real-time response of your customers
  • Comprehensive scheduling of automated email broadcasts
  • $1 first month trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee

The company also deserves praise for quick and outstanding customer service. Aweber is consistently updated to reflect the latest needs of the business environment, so you will never have to worry about falling behind the curve when using Aweber.

Pros of Using Aweber

Aweber makes automating the process of email marketing very easy. With more than 600 prefixed email templates, a business owner has the ability to create incredibly personalized, professional email campaigns from start to finish with a few simple mouseclicks. The program will also help you to avoid many of the spam filters that your potential clients may have in place.

Auto response tools, as well as social media integration options create the opportunity to optimize customer storing and sharing strategies.

Business owners will also be able to keep up with their campaigns from start to finish, viewing detailed statistics about who received a message, their response to it, and the next action that you can take.

Cons of Using Aweber

Although there are very few drawbacks to using Aweber, no program is perfect. For instance, there is no free trial of the program before a client is allowed full usage. However, the first 30 days are as close to free as you can get – the company only charges $1 for this trial, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Training, Tools & Services

Aweber has detailed training and tips for users of all levels of experience. It also incorporates live webinar courses into its service features, so users can receive real-time instructions from experts of the program. Any questions that you have can also be answered in public and private sessions 24/7. Aweber prides itself on guiding it’s clients through every step of the marketing process, which it does very well.

How to Use Aweber

Aweber is well-organized and fairly easy to use. The simple user interface makes it both easy to understand and to navigate around their website, and the Aweber team offers detailed guides and training for pretty much every single feature they have to offer.

To give you a simple overview, here is basically how you get started:

  1. Setup your account and create your list
  2. Write your automated emails and set up a schedule for when to send them
  3. Create your custom sign-up forms

Copy the form to your website, and as people visit your site and signs up at the form, they will automatically join your list and start receiving your automated emails as scheduled. You can also send broadcasts separately, and send custom emails to different parts of your list.

Aweber Pricing

Aweber offers a $1 first month trial, and a standard membership costs $19 per month. However, this price will increase as you reach more than 500 subscribers, and continue to increase based on the size of your subscription list.

All prices are competitive, and there is no large jump in price between tiers. This means that as your business expands, you will not have to worry about an overwhelming expense from your email marketing program.

My Final Word

Overall, the Aweber program is one that can grow with the business throughout all of it’s stages. With it’s comprehensive features, simplicity to use, and competitive pricing, Aweber is definitely the ultimate email marketing tool, and one of my #1 recommended tools for running your online business.

But don’t just take my word for it, the program is also used and recommended by top bloggers like Pat Flynn and Michael Dunlop, and it’s the #1 recommended email marketing tool at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Summarized Overview of Aweber

Name: Aweber Communications


Price: $1 trial membership/$19 per month.

Founder: Tom Kulzer

My rating:
5/5 Stars (Highly recommended!)

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