Earning Passive Income with Tai Lopez’ 67 Steps Affiliate Program

If you’re in the hook about top marketing influencers, you probably chanced upon Tai Lopez. He’s one of the leading motivational speakers in YouTube and is successful in his own right. His zero to hero story inspired a lot of people and he made sure to monetize all these. Proof of that is his books like Social Media Marketing Agency, Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind, and the core product, 67 Steps. On this post, we will dig deeper into the 67 Steps affiliate program and how you can make money from it.

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To give you an idea what 67 Steps is about, here’s a quote from Tai himself: “Everybody wants the good life but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to have the good life.” This is a quote from this TED x Talk stint which is probably one of the most-watched episodes ever.

67 Steps is a self-help book about improving one’s life in different aspects. It’s like a life-coaching book with added features. The main focus of 67 Steps is wealth, love, health, and happiness.  Basically, this is what Tai promises to give those who will sign up for it:

-Learnings from his years of experience to achieve the “Good Life”

-VIP Membership to the exclusive twice-a-month coaching calls from Tai himself

-Video archives of past calls Tai made

-Book of the day premium where you’ll get Tai’s book summaries not released to the public

-Progress/growth tracker

-Potential invitations from live events

-Tons of other bonus content

If you want to get a glimpse of the 67 Steps affiliate program, check it here:

What’s the principle of 67 Steps?

The 67 Steps of Tai Lopez focuses on improving your life towards success. He believes that by investing in your brain, you can earn more in the long run. But why 67? Tai based it on a result of a study that it will take at least 66 days for someone to develop a new habit. On the 67th day, you’ll change something within yourself.

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The teachings inside the book aren’t just from Tai alone. There are principles and words he borrowed from famous people including Mahatma Gandhi, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates. As of the moment, Tai claims to have more than 200,000 members on his 67 Steps program.

Members who will prefer to opt out of the program are entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee. Each video (67 all of them) will cost a dollar each. There are other resources in the program including printed and e-books that may range from $4-$5.

How to become an affiliate?

You need to sign up for a Clickbank account to become an affiliate of Tai’s 67 Steps. After that, you have to sign up an affiliate form on his affiliate page under the 67 Steps product. This is a no-brainer process especially if you have a background on how to use ClickBank. But before you proceed, let me tell you that it pays to immerse yourself in the program before endorsing it. It’s a matter of preference but you’ll have a better understanding of the 67 Steps affiliate program if you experience it yourself.

Additional requirements may depend on Tai’s system. You’ll find out after signing up. But before you do, make sure that you’re willing to pay a $47 recurring fee. If you’re looking for an affiliate program that doesn’t require you to pay a fee, you have to check elsewhere.

How much is the commission?

According to Tai’s affiliate program pitch, commissions can fall between 50-90%. For example, if you pay $47 for the first month of your affiliate program, you can earn at least $16 for every person who will sign up for the 67 Steps. This is already high for an affiliate program, but if you want to achieve at least the promised 50%, you have to attain a certain threshold of sales per month. You will only enjoy the coveted 90% commissions once you’re bringing 299-499 new sales to Tai’s program. This needs a lot of work and one hell of a promotion strategy.

However, this is the catch. Your commissions can balloon under certain circumstances. A fixed 50% of all the upsells your affiliate links successfully closed will go to you. There’s also a cash bonus of $100 after you secure 10 new sales and once you achieve your 100th sale, you’re going to receive $1,000 on top of your commissions.

If you know how to market and you can seal sales every month, the $47 fee would just be a pocket change.

Aside from commissions, what will I get form being an affiliate?

From the looks of it, Tai’s 67 Steps affiliate program is a very thoughtful and lucrative one. He offers hefty commissions that you can only imagine in your dreams. Typical affiliate programs can only give out 10% max.

Tai estimates that his affiliate program will have an EPC of about $1.50 to $40. This is due to his established sales funnel that the affiliates will also enjoy. Aside from the sales funnel of the main product website, putting one on your promotional site will increase conversion rates.

There are also promotional tools that you’ll get once you sign up for the 67 Steps affiliate program. It includes banners, sliders, email swipes, and demographic insights to name a few. After all, you’re getting value from the recurring fee you’re paying for.

Although this has to be proven by experience, Tai claims that all his affiliate programs have the lowest refund rates in the industry. Anyway, you can always ask their one-on-one support team once you’re on the affiliate boat.


Is this a scam?

If you’re following Tai Lopez for the past months or years, you probably read about him being a scam. This response is somewhat typical for a person who’s succeeding and making a lot of money. It probably stemmed from Tai’s habit of posting expensive purchases on this Instagram account including his new jet and Lamborghini.

Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, it’s safe to use say that Tai is far from being a scam. The likes of NBC, TED x Talk, Bravo, and USC are covering his success. If he’s a scam, he should be out of Beverly Hills long before he was able to make more millions of dollars.

The fact that he has thousands of members on his programs and that he has a solid following on his social media outlets are proof that Tai is not a fraud.


Payouts are high

Like what I said earlier, payouts in Tai’s 67 Steps affiliate program are high. That is if you’re willing to go full force on promotions. You will also enjoy bonuses once you reach a sales tier. However, you should use a special tool on the affiliate program to redeem the amount.

You have the power to increase your commissions by improving the sales you’re giving the 67 Steps program. From the looks of it, the competition isn’t that high yet. Today is the right time to start if you want to enjoy the large chunk of potential clients.

You get a coach

When you sign up for the affiliate program of Tai Lopez, you simply don’t have a source of passive income; you also get a coach. Tai may not give a hands-on support when it comes to affiliates, but he has an affiliate’s management team that you can contact.

You can enjoy his personal coaching if you try the 67 Steps program yourself. For a few bucks, you can immerse yourself on his motivational sessions and apply it to your marketing approach.

Established sales funnel

The excellent thing about 67 Steps is its well-optimized and established sales funnel. It’s guaranteed to land you a sale in a few days’ time as long as you do the work on your website. The sales funnel setup of Tai’s affiliate program has been tested many times. He even claims that it’s backed with a million-dollar testing process to ensure low refunds and higher conversions.

Although the mother site is geared towards selling, you should also make sure that your site is on the same note. Enhance your sales funnel strategy and don’t forget to collect e-mail leads. This will be your connection to your site visitors wherever they are.

Promotional tools

Once you’re all set to promote, the 67 Steps affiliate program will give you useful tools as a start. You can make use of the banners and sliders to catch the attention of your potential customers. There are also testimonials that you can plug into your site to establish the credibility of the product.

Cheap basic program

Another thing that will ensure a sale for you is the low starting program for the 67 Steps. Take note that this is just the basic 67 Steps program that doesn’t include the VIP access. However, take note that since the basic program is cheap, you’ll also have a lower commission. Still, it’s more than decent for an affiliate program.

Your luck depends on how well you can convince a potential client to avail the upsell package. Remember, 50% of the upsell price will go straight into your pocket!


You have to pay a recurring fee

The number one downside of the 67 Steps affiliate program is you have to pay a monthly fee of $47. This isn’t favorable for those who want to start with low-risk affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, this amount will go back to you once your site or means of promotion is starting to sell.

You have to work it to earn it

Don’t think of the 67 Steps program as the answer to becoming rich overnight. Even Tai himself said that the results of his 67 Steps program will vary depending on the person. This goes the same with the affiliate program. You have to work it to earn it. Optimize your website, create compelling and honest content, promote, and practice sales funneling like a pro. All these will surely nail the 50% commission or more.

Like what Tai said, “the more you learn, the more you earn”. Although affiliate marketing is a source of passive income, you have to do the dirty work to be seen on the web. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reimburse the monthly fee you’re paying.

VIP section of the program is pricey

This is the challenge. The VIP section of the 67 Steps is quite pricey. It’s $70 for a month and you have to convince your readers that it’s worth their credit card number. Again, it’s all about your marketing strategy. If you succeed in closing VIP deals on the 67 Steps affiliate program, you’ll have a bigger commission.

You have to try the program yourself (optional)

Opting in on the 67 Steps program is a good way to know how you’ll promote it. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s much better to start blogging about your experience with Tai’s program. This way, you can give pragmatic recommendations and real-life tips. Anyway, it depends on your choice whether you’ll follow this or not.

Should I dive into this affiliate program?

If you’re someone who’s into motivational and educational resources, promoting the 67 Steps program would be less effortless. Tai’s affiliate program is a good choice if you want an opportunity with a big payout. However, one thing that you have to tolerate about this program is the allegations of Tai being a scam. Other than that, 67 Steps is an excellent choice to make passive income on your website.

The only risk you’ll have to take here is the $47 monthly fee that you have to pay. But if you work on the promotions, you can earn it back even more. The marketing tools that come with the affiliate program will make it easier.

If you want to know more about the 67 Steps program and the affiliate opportunity, you can check it here.

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